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Purchase Options For Organizations

Convenience & Savings

Need course access for several people in your organization? No problem! We make it easy to purchase multiple seats…and to save money while you do!

View your options below and select the one that is best for you.

Option 1
Purchase A Group Product
  • Choose a single course or packaged courses.
  • Purchase multiple seat licenses for the course(s).
  • Get bulk discounts.
  • Create a Group for your organization and invite employees to join the Group.
  • Employees get automatic access to the course(s) when joining the Group.
  • You CANNOT add additional courses to the Group.
  • You CAN purchase more seats and add users as needed.
  • You can monitor the course progress of each employee.

Example: Julie is the HR director for her organization. As part of their orientation, she enrolls all new employees in The EA’s Creating A Respectful Workplace training. She purchases multiple seats for the course and names the Group “Orientation.”


Option 2
Concierge Setup
  • We create your group containing the course(s) and number of seats you desire.
  • There is a setup fee for each group created.
  • You qualify for bulk discounts.
  • We issue you an invoice.
  • We enroll your employees for you.
  • Each enrolled employee receives an instructional welcome email.
  • Whenever you need to add more users, we notify them and invoice you.
  • We add new courses to your group as needed.